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Pool and Spa Inspections

Buying a house with a pool is an exciting proposition. A pool that looks great can have many things wrong that can be very expensive to fix. Our inspection report is very thorough and will either assure you that you are making a good purchase or will give you the information you need to negotiate the repair costs prior to closing.

We have over 30 years of experience with swimming pools, spas and related equipment.
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Our inspections cover and are not limited to:
  • If the pool or spa is loosing water
  • If the leak is in the structure or in the plumbing
  • Filter pump analysis
  • Filter analysis
  • Chemical feed system analysis
  • Operation of lights and related electric
  • Proper electrical bonding
  • Does the diving board meet current standards
  • Analysis of all accessory equipment
  • A complete safety profile of the pool, deck and fencing
  • Attached spas, waterfalls and water features
  • Analysis of the pool or spa interior surface
  • A CAD drawing of the pool
  • Details including the pool or spa gallonage and surface area

We will provide you with a customized report, NOT just a checklist. You will get a detailed description of the equipment as well as it's installation on that particular pool. You will also get a listing of our recommendations.

If possible have the swimming pool properly filled, the water clear, and circulating. Have the current homeowner provide the name of the builder and the year the swimming pool was built.

Please fill out the form below or, call us at (910) 338-1848 for a quote and to schedule your inspection.

Major reasons for a Pool Inspection
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