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Commercial Pools

Saving Money

Wilmington Pools swimming pool we maintainwants to help you save time and money while thoroughly enjoying your commercial pool. Our first commercial customer Inland Greens / Cedar Ridge - HOA can certainly testify to that fact. When we first went to visit their 30' x 70' pool they were experiencing yearly pump motor failures, $500 per month electric bills, had leaks all over the equipment room, the water was constantly hazy, their electrical equipment was corroding and they were paying over $3,000 per year for pool chemicals.

Energy Efficient Pumps

Well, we went to bat for them. We fought with the county to permit energy efficient pumps which we hydraulically balanced during the installation. Their electric bills are now closer to $300 per month and are expected to go under $100 while recirculating the pool during the off-season.

Balanced Filtration

We re-plumbed and hydraulically balanced their filtration system which has kept their swimming pool crystal clear since startup. Many residents have commented that the water has never looked so clear. As a result of the cleaner water many more people are using the swimming pool and it has now become the social center for the association. The HOA president - Dick Gurley has commented that the bathrooms that used to be cleaned once per month now need service twice per week. He eluded that this is a problem he is happy to have.

Salt / Chlorine Generators

We have installed salt/chlorine generators which generate chlorine right in the plumbing system. This not only keeps the facility from having to store bulk chlorine but also has dropped the chemical bills by 500%. Many of the bathers attribute their daily swimming to the improved water quality on their skin.

We would love to provide the same type of savings for your commercial facility. Please call us for a free analysis and quotation.

picture of spa before concrete spray, shows hole and structural steel
We can build your new swimming pool.

man testing pool water
We can maintain and clean your swimming pool.

showing the new pool layout and equipment we did for a commercial pool
We can repair your swimming pool equipment.

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We can consult for your best solutions.

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